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Van Zyl Staalwerke (VZS) has been a contender in the agricultural machinery industry since 1983. We have grown into an enterprise that can be considered a one-stop shop for all your steel implementation needs, especially within agriculture.

VZS consists of three branches in the Eastern Free State with a range of more than forty products available. This allows us to provide solutions to a variety of producers and farmers across Africa. You can trust us with any and all of your steelworks needs. Stock is available from any of our three branches and we readily distribute products nationally, as well as to a number of countries in Africa – VZS is just a call or e-mail away!

Everything available from VZS is made with the farmer in mind. Everything we do at VZS is “VIR DIE BOER”, and we are proud to deliver quality products to our customers wherever they may be. Our South African farmers are responsible for keeping the whole country fed, healthy and flourishing, so we are more than happy to provide for those who make provision for everyone else.

From roll sieves to 20t side tippers, all of these are available for purchase at VZS. We offer customers everything they need to be successful while working within the booming agricultural sector. Our company prides itself on the quality of service we deliver and has already built a solid name in the market - a name confirming that we are a reliable service provider and ensuring that we are considered when farmers in Africa need steelworks. We all know a “boer maak ‘n plan”, but when it comes to agricultural steelworks VZS is the best plan because we exist “VIR DIE BOER!” View some of our most popular products available: