The direction Van Zyl Staalwerke (VZS) is heading in is identified by our dynamic team, demonstrating expertise in various areas of steelworks and its application in the agricultural sector. Each member of the board's contribution to various areas helps sustain our booming business. The decision-making and service delivery of each member of the board serves as an example of the levels of knowledge and experience in the team. For more inquiries about the company and its management contact 058 863 2452 or send an email to

Van Zyl Staalwerke is the ideal team to take on any challenge!


VZS has become a household name in the agricultural industry, with a strong and continuous presence in prestigious, annual agricultural programs such as NAMPO.

Since VZS was founded in 1982, our reputation as a quality equipment manufacturing company has grown to match the large scale operation we lead today. If you are looking for locals who are always two steps ahead of the game, we are perfect for the job.

The Van Zyl Steel Works team is always ready to take on the hard work to ensure the job gets done quickly, professionally and efficiently. Contact us for quality steelwork, including everything from rollers to rippers available for sale in South Africa and in a number of other African countries.

If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. The friendly staff at Van Zyl Staalwerke will always deliver our services with a smile.



DF Marais (Niel)

082 442 2478 /

GJ van Zyl (GJ)

079 893 9001 /

AP van Zyl (Bertus)

084 563 1647 /

GJ van Zyl (Gawie)


Ordinary Management:

E Smith (Rieme) 082 902 7707 /


National Sales: M Barnard (Bok)

082 223 4890 /