With a dynamic team of individuals and extended knowledge and experience on different areas within the company, a platform to lead the company is created. Every individual add value on various areas to create a sustainable business.Decision making and good service from each individual serves as example to the next levels within the organisation to transfer knowledge and experience. For more information regarding the company and its management please contact 058 863 2452 /

DF Marais (Niel) 
082 442 2478 /
GJ van Zyl (GJ)
079 893 9001 /
AP van Zyl (Bertus) 
084 563 1647 /
GJ van Zyl (Gawie)


Ordinary Managment:
E Smith (Rieme) 082 902 7707 /

Nasional Sales: M Barnard (Bok)

082 223 4890 /