The range of implements available from Van Zyl Staalwerke are manufactured in a workshop with approximately 140 staff, backed by a variety of CNC equipment.

CNC Equipment Vir Die Boer

With CNC equipment, VZS has the ability to use digitized data to monitor and control machine movements for milling, welding, gritting, laser cutting, water cutting or stamping metal.

There are many advantages to using CNC equipment. This process is more precise than manual editing and can be repeated in exactly the same way time and time again. Due to the accuracy made possible with CNC equipment, our process can produce complex shapes that would be almost impossible to achieve with manual editing.

The use of CNC equipment makes it possible for VZS to make anything possible and, as always, “vie die Boer”.

The range of implements available from VSN consists of equipment for the grain producer, as well as equipment for livestock farmers. With the development of technology and the shifting of farming practices, our implementations are also continually changed and renewed to suit the needs of producers.

New product ranges are constantly being investigated and developed.