South Africa depends on our fertile lands and the ability of our farmers to make the best of our glorious climate. We do our best to support our farmers as much as possible at VZS by supplying them with the steel equipment they require. That is why we make services available to the South African public, the throbbing heart of South Africa's agricultural industry and also to other countries' industries.

South Africa has a variety of climates ranging from semi-dry, to dry, and even to subtropical. Consequently, there are a variety of crops, cattle and fish available to be cultivated. So for all the things the farmer does for us, it is VZS's duty to provide support in the form of steel implements, spare parts and constantly excellent service.


Van Zyl Staalwerke Spare Parts are VIR DIE BOER!


Van Zyl Staalwerke’s spare parts department is a one-stop shop for farmers looking for mechanization and steel implements. Contact us and our skilled staff will provide, make or order spare parts to your specifications, because everything we do at VZS is “vir die boer.”

Our steelworks department also offers a variety of products, parts, services and solutions to the South African farmer. VZS stock includes various types of oil, ball bearings, ground coupling parts, filters, bolts, nuts, electrical components and a full range of over ten thousand line items.

In case of damage to a part, we will do our best to repair it. VZS also restores hydrolyzed pipes as part of the full range of services we offer.

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