Dam Scraper 3-5m

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VPower demand: 80kW
Volume: 3m³
Blade length (3 replaceable blades): 2 200mm
Weight: 2 500kg
Weight on drawbar (empty): 800kg
Tyres BKT: 11L/R15
Wheel alignment: 1 900mm
Fully hydraulic
4 hydraulic remotes
The chain sets the bucket’s ejection capacity

The scoop action is designed for pressing down the full weight of the scraper onto the blade. Operates best in uncultivated soil and the scraper’s
bucket can be fully closed and the load kept for the full trip (ground clearance: 200mm)

The scraper has been in production for more than 20 years and has shown its worth on the farm. More than dam-building is done by a scraper. It
is also used for general works, repair of furrows, building of roads, filling up of fields and also after water erosion