Header Trailer Range




25ft / 9,500mm (Single axle front and back)
30ft / 10,000 (Double axle back)
53ft / 12,000mm (Double axle back)
40ft / 14,000mm (Two axles in front, three axles at back)

3x square tube beams 150mmx6mm to support table
Tyres: Standard 215xR15 (Dunlop/Continental, etc)
Drawbar in V-shape with a middle pection for best  stability

Front axle, also standard length, is mounted under a swivel drawbar that allows sideway margin for unevenareas
Standard light coupling and chevron

With two standard length axles and a tipper mounted on a tilt drawbar, the trailer can be drawn at a comfortable speed
Universal, meaning multi-purpose, less capital investment