Header Trailer Range


Universal, multipurpose Header Trailer.

Can accommodate headers for grain, corn, maize, sunflowers etc.

Easy for harvester to load and unload header.

The header trailer can be towed by harvester, tractor or pickup.


25ft / 9,500mm (Single axle front and back)
30ft / 10,000 (Double axle back)
53ft / 12,000mm (Double axle back)
40ft / 14,000mm (Two axles in front, three axles at back)

3x square tube beams 150mmx6mm to support table
Tyres: Standard 215xR15 (Dunlop/Continental, etc)
Drawbar in V-shape with a middle pection for best  stability

Front axle, also standard length, is mounted under a swivel drawbar that allows sideway margin for unevenareas
Standard light coupling and chevron

With two standard length axles and a tipper mounted on a tilt drawbar, the trailer can be drawn at a comfortable speed
Universal, meaning multi-purpose, less capital investment