Road Grader / Scraper

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Power demand: Min 80kW 4×4 = 100kW
Blade width: 3 600mm
Blade turns mechanically with a 5-point bolster
Weight: 4 200mm
Tyres: Tractor cover 7.50 / R16
Swivel hitch
Concrete block at back of wheels for optimal weight displacement

2 hydraulic points
Built with double frame
Cylinder fitted at back of independent wheels to establish the positioning grade levelling of the blade
Cabin for operator on scraper, with roof
Can swivel up to 30°
Constant oil flow required with a free back-flow

For scraping of contours of roads. One operator is required for the scraper, which is controlled from inside scraper

Less capital intensive as a self-driven grader and
has more than one use on farms