Roll Sieve Standard

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VZS’s Roll Sieve – Standard model. The excess plant material are removed via gravitation and can be collected in bags hitched on the frame of the Roll Sieve. Manual labor is therefore required in the processing of removing the excess plant material.



Power demand: 70kW
PTO-driven from tractor
Ideal speed is just above idling
Bulk load bin takes 2 – 3 ton
Sieve feeding is controlled by sluice
Auger ejection height: 4m
2x wheels with 11L/R15 tyres
Screening is ejected at side of sieve by two sluices in 50-kg bags

Maize sieves: 4.75mm+6.35mm. Back: 25mm
Soya sieves: 4mm+x4mm. Back: 8mm
Wheat sieves: 2xkeyhole sieves of 1.8mmx12.7mm.
Back: 25mm
Sunflower sieves: 3.15mm+3.15mm. Back: 25mm
*Sieve 1.5m in diameter and 3.5m long comes standard with maize sieves

Capacity functioning
Maize: up to 50t/hour
Soya: up to 35t/hour
Sunflower: up to 15t/hour

Electric conversion can be done