Roll Sieve Standard

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Power demand: 70kW
PTO-driven from tractor
Ideal speed is just above idling
Bulk load bin takes 2 – 3 ton
Sieve feeding is controlled by sluice
Auger ejection height: 4m
2x wheels with 11L/R15 tyres
Screening is ejected at side of sieve by two sluices in 50-kg bags

Maize sieves: 4.75mm+6.35mm. Back: 25mm
Soya sieves: 4mm+x4mm. Back: 8mm
Wheat sieves: 2xkeyhole sieves of 1.8mmx12.7mm.
Back: 25mm
Sunflower sieves: 3.15mm+3.15mm. Back: 25mm
*Sieve 1.5m in diameter and 3.5m long comes standard with maize sieves

Capacity functioning
Maize: up to 50t/hour
Soya: up to 35t/hour
Sunflower: up to 15t/hour

Electric conversion can be done