Debulking Trailer 14,500L

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VZS’s 14 500l Debulking Trailer. The Debulking Trailer has a 2t/min debaulking / unloading capacity.

Power demand: 80kW
Auger ejection height: 4 000mm
Debulking capacity: 2t/min
Bulk grain cart capacity: 14 000L
Bulk grain cart height (from ground): 3 200 mm
Ground clearance: 540mm
Auger diameter: 400mm
Gearbox: 1:1 ratio
45kW @ 540rpm
Tyres: 620/60/R25.5 Radial
Loading capacity @ 10km/h = 9 250kg @ 4-bar
From our point of view an important key to the capacity of a debulking trailer

Wheel alignment outside measurement: 3 200mm
Weight on drawbar: 10 – 12%

4 hydraulic points
Auger tilts hydraulically
In-house manufactured block houses the bearing that carries the weight of the auger, taking away the weight from the gearbox and ensuring that only the driving function is executed
Double frame to enhance robust appearance and
Standard light coupling and chevron
Top cover included