Windery Slasher



Models: Windery
VHZ 15/80
Power demand: Tractor capacity: 55kW
Machine size: 1 500mm
Gearbox with slip clutch PTO: 55kW
VHZ 18/80
Power demand: 65kW Tractor required
Machine size: 1 800mm
Gearbox: 55 kW with slip clutch
General information
Cutting height: 10mm – 160mm
Blades are generally available from any agricultural
market, 4x Banana blades
PTO included
Italian Comer gearbox
Hitch pens included
Heavy-duty 5-mm plate frame

Wear plate (slasher blade) is generally available from any agricultural market
Unique advantages
Circle-shaped dish, 12-mm plate
Dish is designed in a circle shape which provides better strength
The circle-shaped dish lessens chance of odd objects that can cause damage as they are moved aside.
The gearbox is mounted forwards in such a way that it allows for the flail action to generates more torque.
This results in the tractor’s performance in a faster gear
Productivity is improved and operating costs are less

Weight :850kg on 1 800mm machine heavier than most opposition – MORE WEIGHT MORE VALUE