Wool Press – Double

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VZS’s double bag Wool Press. Wool are pressed by Hydraulic pump. Electrical option available.

Wool Press: double
Hydraulic pump: 5L tank
Cylinder: 76.2mmx914.4mm (3”x36”)
Press ability: 2 000kg
Containers 700mm x 700mm x 1 200mm
Skewers included: 3 per container
Skewers to keep bags in place: 4 per container
Electrical option: Single phase or 3 phase
Press ability single phase: 3 000kg
Electrical motor: 2.2kW (3hp)

With the wool press the task is simplified and
production is taken to a higher level To save time means labour costs are less, ensuring more economic farming.
Simple design that does not require a lot of maintenance