Agriculture and earthmoving equipment go hand in hand. To name one example: in recent years South African farmers have become acquainted with how to tackle erosion damage on crops and cultivated land. In general, farming projects demand some form of soil shifting on almost a daily basis, thus earthmoving equipment is a good area of investment for any farmer.

Van Zyl Staalwerke’s dam scraper designs promote superior earthmoving capabilities, with hydraulic points allowing for reliable soil transport over a distance. The 10m 3 volume also allows for a larger load per trip, reducing long-term fuel, wear- and-tear and operator expenses, while limiting the job duration. We allow hydraulic controls to synchronise with that of the tractor or other operating vehicles to ensure that the vehicle operator can easily control the dam scraper.

Enhanced control is handy when dealing with non-uniform landscapes where tricky vehicle positions are necessary, like crops where erosion damage has made an impact.

Our dam scrapers for sale function well on cultivated and uncultivated soil alike, and can be used for more than just the construction of dams. Because of their effective and neat soil clearance capability, they’re perfect for use in dirt driveway and road construction, too.


  • Power demand = 200kw
  • Volume =10m³
  • Blade width (4x replaceble bledes = 2 500mm
  • Tyres = 16.9/R28
  • Wheel alignment = 1 900mm


  • Fully hydraulic
  • 4 hydraulic points


  • Best use for uncultivated soil and scraper's bucket can be fully closed to hold the load for the total trip. A cylinder moves the bucket to the front to eject the content.  No cultivating is necessary beforehand.  All hydraulic functions are handeled from the tractor's controls


  • A scraper is used for more that building dames.  It is also used for general work, repairs of furrows, building roads and filling up land after erosion



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