Agricultural mega-farmers have illustrated the need for improved and advanced technology when it comes to the reaping process. Tackling a crop that stretches to the horizon and back was a daunting task before the automation of the harvesting process, but today’s farmers remain completely unintimidated by it!

Advanced GPS location tech can pre-plot harvesting routes and ensure that the bulk of your produce ends up in storage before the sun sets. South Africans can tackle the monolith task of reaping a field that stretches as far as the eye can see, as we don’t shy away from a little hard work! One just needs the right tools for the job. Van Zyl Staalwerke designed the 20T side tipper for the large-scale South African farmer, sporting advanced transport and storage capabilities. Differing from its cousin, the 15T side tipper, its design enables the 20T to carry an increased loading capacity of 23,000kgs in a 25m 3 volume container. Its linear design makes for a stable and controlled harvesting process, being 7200mm in length and 2500mm in width.

The large container is essential for speeding up the loading process in larger agricultural operations. In comparison to the 15T, the 20T has all the functionality of its smaller cousin. Using 4-stage telescopic cylinders, it easily tips 23 tons of produce at an angle of 37°, sports hydraulic brakes to ensure stability, and comes with standard light coupling and top cover.

The 20t carries our reputation as a quality farming equipment manufacturer forward into the future of South African farming equipment manufacturing.


  • PTO-driven

  • Power demand = 120 kW

  • Auger ejection height = 4 500 mm

  • Debulking capacity = 4 t/min

  • Bulk grain cart capacity = 26 500L

  • Bulk cart (height from ground level) = 3 400mm

  • Ground clearance = 540mm

  • Auger diameter = 400mm

  • Gearbox 1:2 ratio @ 540rpm =72kw

  • Tyres: Trelleborg 900/60/r32

  • Load Capacity @ 10km/h/p/tyre = 14030kg @ 4bar

  • From our point of view an important key to the capacity of a debulking trailer.

  • Wheel alignment - outside measurements = 3 980mm

  • Weight on drawbar = 10 - 12%


  • 4 Hydraulic points
  • Auger tilts hydraulically
  • Floor auger closes hydraulically with sluice to protect dumping auger
  • Hidraulic sluice beneath trailer from bottom dump
  • Top cover included
  • In-house manufactured block houses the bearing that carries the weight from the gearbox and ensuring that onlythe driving function is executed
  • Double frame to enhance robust appearance and strength
  • Standard liight coupling and chevron
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