• Designed to protect supplements against rain among others
  • Adjustable weights to lift easily (counter weights)
  • Easily moveable between kraals
  • Easily fits onto bakkie
  • Sturdy design to offer resistance against bulls
  • Volume (two bags both ways) = 200kg
  • More or less 20-25 units per feeder bin for optimal use
  • Feeder bin painted as standard


  • When the feeder bin is put down, adjust the weights to open the feeder
  • After a few days the weights should be adjusted futher in order to close the container somewhat
  • Cattle have already learnt where the fodder is and keep on putting their heads into the container. After about a week the lid can be kept closed and the cattle will know how to open it again


  • During increasing cost of fodder it makes sense to see that supplements are not wasted as a result of weather conditions


  • The container can be galvanized it is hovever more expensive and the extended lifespan has not been determined