• The aim is to combine 2 or 3 existing planter to save on labour and fuel
  • Available from 10 row to 24 row 762mm
  • Standard float kit to drive the wings 10° up and down on uneven terrain
  • Power demand = 200kw +
  • All hinge pins are 50mm  diameter and equipped with Vesconite busses for a longevity in the veld
  • Standard 400/60/15.5" flotation wheels with heavy-duty sealed wheel hubs
  • Driven by contact driving gearbos or GPS
    Frame built from 180mm bar in front and at back that supports heavy tillage programmes
  • Minimum height and width that make transprt safe and comfortavle for big-scale farming activities
  • Most planters buckets can be mounted onto the bar, espacially John Deere and MF
  • Frame is also built from 100mm barr that is equipped with standard VATIII three-point for quick hitch
  • For the use of eg. harrow disc, cultivator, preplanter, etc. 


  • Available with granule/liquid fertilizer tanks 4 500l