Preparing a crop for cultivation is a process that farmers have always tackled in different ways. Until the 18 th century, certain plots of earth were considered uncultivable due to labourers’ inability to penetrate hardened topsoil, or due to other soil surface issues. Today, agricultural pioneers continue to simplify this process with specialised machinery, like our agricultural rippers. Large scale machinery rippers are used to tear up hard-to- dig materials, like rammed earth, which is useful to cultivation operations that extend over an old dirt road, for example.

Our soil and sub-soil rippers’ ability to work a large landscape with precision is why they’re prised among local crop farmers. With a work depth of 450mm and a standard and adjustable tine spacing of 400mm, farmers can create crop to precise specifications on a large scale. Our ground and field rippers are designed for use with a tractor, and range in size from 7-13 tine, and 13 tine and up, with a power capacity of 13-15kw per tine. Additionally, rollers and sheers can be added if your operation requires them, as our designs leave room for customisation options.

In summary, our ripper farm equipment remains competitive on the local market due to their versatility, durability and our ability to cater to your specialised farming needs!


  • ​Fixed trailer = 7 - 13 tine
  • fold up shaft = 13 tine and bigger


  • Tractor capacity = 13 - 15kw per tine
  • Working depth = 450mm
  • Tine sacing = standrad - 400mm- spacing is adjustable


  • Rollers can be added optionally
  • Sheers on tines available from any agrimarket


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