The process of reaping has never been easier than it is today. Kilometers of maze or other crop types can be reaped in a single day thanks to the advanced capabilities of harvesters and side tipper cars. The entire process can even be pre-mapped and automated entirely to ensure that crops are reaped accurately. For most operations reaping can be done to great effect in the old fashioned way. By aligning a harvester with a side tipper, ending a reaping session with a few tons of maize is all in a day’s work.

For medium-sized maize crops, Van Zyl Steelworks has designed and manufactured the versatile 15T side tipper, which will easily hold up to 15000kg of produce and still maintain perfect functionality. Although all our side tippers for sale bear the mark of our innovative designs, tailor-made to the South African farmer, the 15T model is the perfect vehicle for farmers with a multi-dimensional agricultural operation. Projects that produce their own maize as feed for wildlife or livestock need nothing more than the loading capabilities of the 15T: With a container volume of 20m 3 and a capacity of 20,000 liters, a medium-sized crop can be reaped in one trip. Its body design, 6000mm in length and 1500mm in depth ensure both stability and maneuverability, especially necessary when reaping circular or smaller crops. The 10t axles make tipping seem effortless and can seamlessly unload 15,000kgs of produce at an angle of 37°.

This is made possible by the advanced technology that we incorporate into its designs, presented in this model’s two 4-stage telescopic cylinders. Furthermore, the hydraulic brakes, standard light coupling, tyres and top cover ensure that this model represents our reputation as high-quality farming equipment manufacturers.


  • Volume = 20m3
  • Volume = 20 000L
  • Lenght = 6 000mm
  • Depth = 1 500mm
  • 10t axles = 2
  • Load capacity = 15 000kg
  • 4-stage telescopic cylinders = 2
  • Tipping capacity = 37º
  • Tyres (Super single) = 380/60 R22.5
  • Wheel alignment = 1 850mm
  • Back axle comes standard with hydraulic brakes
  • Standard light coupling and chevron
  • Top cover included

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