• Power demand = 100kw
  • Length = 4 000mm
  • Width = 2 400mm
  • Depth = 900mm
  • Body height from ground = 2 100mm
  • Volume = 8.5m³
  • Ground Clearance = 350mm
  • Wheel alignment = 3 000mm
  • Weight on drawbar = <10%
  • Tipping capacity = up to 45˚
  • Tyres (radial flotation) trelleborg (min) = 500/60/R22.5
  • Loading capacity @ 4bar 10k/hour = 6 975kg and 25km/hour - 6 125kG


  • Stage 5 telescopic cylinder
  • Spring at front of body to decrease the impact on the drawbar
  • Body is of 5mm plate steel and the chassis of channel steel
  • Unique -A-type chassis that is connected right through from the drawbar to the hinge pin of the tipper, with a supporting frame for the cart


  • No complicated procudures, with easy operation.  The standard trailer tips and the flap is opened by the weight of the load
  • When the loading cart returns to its original posistion the pins hook up again to keep the flap closed
  • The flap can be taken off easily, With the potato trailer the flat moves away from the body to preventing the seed potatoes from pressing against the flap


  • Currently the top sellier in tippers, The best economic advantage is for the tipper to do more work and clients who look at bigger models, find that 2 trailers van get more word done.  The wider tyre also gives better weight distribution


  • Cart sides 600mm = 13m³