• Power demand = 40kw
  • Length = 2 600mm
  • Width = 1 900mm
  • Depth = 500mm
  • Body height from ground = 1 300mm
  • Tyres (bkt) standard = 11L15
  • Weight on drawbar =<20%
  • Tipping capacity = up to 45˚
  • Wheel alignment = 1 700mm


  • Stage 3 telescopic cylinder
  • Body made of 3mm plate steel and the chassis from channel steel
  • Unique A-type chassis that is connected from the drawbar right through to the hinge point of the tipper, with a supporting frame for the body


  • No complicated procedures easy working, The trailer tips and with the weight of the load the flap is opened.  When the loading cart returns to its original positio the pins hook up again to keep the flap closed
  • The flap can be taken off easily